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Chateau Maroon

Collegeview Drive, Herbert Street and Prospect Place

We have a variety of apartments and rental houses in this neighborhood. This is the most convenient neighborhood in Starkville for access to the university.

Most of our apartments here are two bedroom, one bath. In some, cable and internet is included; some have washer and dryer supplied. Some are well-kept older apartments with the best rental rates in town. We also have one, two and three bedroom houses in this neighborhood.

These apartments are rented on one year leases with turnovers at the end of May, June and July.

Our company actually started in this neighborhood with the construction of a duplex in 1953!


Little Brown House Herbert Street
One bedroom "little brown house" on Collegeview Street at the edge of MSU property. Duplex and 4-plex at the corner of Collegeview and Herbert Streets.
Blue Duplex Prospect Place House
Two story duplex at the corner of Herbert and Collegeview Streets. Two bedroom house on Prospect Place, off of Collegeview Street.

Collegeview Sign


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