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Chateau Maroon

Maintenance Requests - All requests for maintenance need to come in to our office, either by a call to (662) 323-9767 to speak with us or leave a message, by an email to, or in person at the office. We are not able to take requests on our personal phones or in the aisle at the grocery store.

Emergencies - When you signed your lease, you were provided with personal phone numbers for emergencies. You are welcome to use these contacts for actual emergencies. We do ask that your respect our privacy and not use these numbers for routine requests.

Garbage Days - Some of our properties do not have dumpsters, but instead use Starkville’s curbside pickup. For these properties, bagged garbage must only be put out on the correct mornings.
• Collegeview Neighborhood: Mondays and Thursdays
• Gillespie Street & Green Street: Tuesdays and Fridays
• Central Avenue: Mondays and Thursdays
• North Montgomery Street: Mondays and Thursdays
• Pleasant Acres: Mondays and Thursdays
Starkville’s Garbage Ordinance provides for fines for any garbage found out on the wrong day. There are even fines for empty cans left on the side of the street on the wrong day. Please help us keep Starkville clean by following the City's simple rules.

T-Shirts - Want a great maroon pocket tee to wear on Maroon Fridays? Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, then stop by the main office to get one. All sizes are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Free t-shirts are available for current residents only. If you are seen wearing the shirt by one of our secret spotters, your name will be entered into our next drawing for awesome prizes. If you send us your picture wearing one of the shirts in a cool location, or doing something interesting, you may make it to our Wall of Fame!

New leases/Vacate Notices - If you plan to stay after the end of your lease, a new lease is required to be signed 90 days before the end of your current lease. If your plan to move at the end of your lease, a written notice is due in our office 90 days before the end of your lease.

Pets- Most of our properties do not allow any pets on the premises. This includes the pets of visitors. On the properties where pets are allowed, a pet lease must be signed, a pet deposit put up, and proof of liability insurance provided before the pet is brought onto the premises.


Electricity and Water- All of our properties, except for Indian Ridge, have electricity and water supplied by Starkville Electric Department. In order to have the electricity and water turned on, you must open an account and put up a deposit with them. The deposit is currently $185. Their phone number is (662) 323-3133. You can download the necessary forms from their website. They require a copy of your lease to initiate service. Starkville Electric Department is physically located at 200 N Lafayette Street.

Natural Gas- Most of our properties are all electric, however, a few do have natural gas. For these, you will need to open an account with Atmos Energy. Atmos requires that you establish new service through their website or by calling (888)286.6700. If you have never had an account with them before, they require a deposit of $85.Their local office is at 402 University Drive.

TV Cable- Starkville’s only television cable franchise is Metrocast. Their phone number is (662)323-1615 and their local office is located at 300½ S Jackson Street. In most cases Metrocast is your best option for tv cable and internet service. In some of our properties we pay for Metrocast cable and/or internet service. If you are in one of these properties, you can add additional services from Metrocast by establishing your own account with them and paying just for the additional service.

Satellite TV
- We discourage satellite TV because of the damage that the installers do to our buildings. We will allow installation of satellite dishes and cables only with a signed statement from the installer agreeing to cause no damage whatsoever and to drill no holes in our buildings.

Landline Telephones- Very few people are opting for landline telephone, but if you need this option you can contact AT&T. You can call them at (800)288-2020.

Cell Phones- Most people feel that CSpire has the best coverage in the Starkville area.

Indian Ridge Utilities- Our Indian Ridge property is served by 4-County Electric Power Association and Golden Triangle Water Association. 4-County’s phone number is (662)323-4502 and they are located at 9776 Highway 25 South. Golden Triangle Water Association is located at 438 Mayhew Road, Mayhew, Mississippi and their phone number is (662)327-3008. Propane gas can be provided by any one of several local LP gas providers. We prefer Starkville LP Gas located at 1424 Louisville Street, Starkville. Their phone number is (662)323-3146.